workplace sexual harassment training

New York State and California Compliant Online Virtual Training Now Available!

EZHRVT is proud to offer interactive sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, retaliation, and harassment training designed to inform and educate all your company’s managers and supervisors. Our courses fully comply with state and federal regulations across all 50 states and are currently in compliance with the new and comprehensive California AB2053 and AB 1825 legislations dealing with abusive conduct and employer obligations.

The Value of Workplace Harassment Training

Workplace harassment training is an essential aspect of organizational culture, and cultivating an encouraging, safe, and accommodating atmosphere for your team can go a long way in helping your company achieve its objective. When workplace conduct takes a negative turn, however, the ramifications may cross beyond damage to your bottom line and operational stability into the very real world of the United States justice system.

Litigation resulting from workplace abuse, harassment, bullying, and other forms of misconduct costs companies millions of dollars each year, but you can easily prevent this with an effective training program. That’s where we come in.

Clean and User-Friendly Site Design

The clean and elegant site design is intended to offer an intuitive and user-friendly experience to all trainees, allowing for large-scale deployment without the need for cumbersome additional user familiarization and training.

Anybody with minimal computer experience will be able to take advantage of the courses on offer. Adding team members and getting them fully on board will take nothing more than a few clicks on your part.

Efficient Reporting and Monitoring Capabilities

As part of our comprehensive employee training initiative, managers are presented with reporting tools that allow them to monitor their team’s progress, with insight into which employees are progressing with their training as they should.

Participants may print out a Certificate of Completion for record purposes to signify a complete undertaking of the training content offered, offering tangible evidence of training compliance and serving as additional motivation to comply with the standards and directives expounded therein.

Why Choose EZHRVT?

Our virtual courses offer you the opportunity to safeguard your employees and your organization from the various potential pitfalls presented by the minefield of state and federal legislative directives in the realm of employee behavior and misbehavior. Condensed courses are also on offer in English and Spanish aimed at educating your non-management staff.

An informed workforce will be better able to adhere to the regulations regarding workplace conduct, allowing them to focus on more important business and reduce your company’s potential exposure to liability. Make things easier for yourself and your employers with our interactive virtual training modules. You’ll be glad that you did!

workplace sexual harassment training

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Employee Harassment Hotline Included


Be the first to know about unlawful workplace behavior! The compliance hotline provides your company with a unique solution designed to eliminate your exposure to legal liabilities that often go undetected until it’s too late.


1-800-97-STOP-IT Offers:

  • California Compliant

  • New York Compliant

  • Significantly reduced employer risk to legal liabilities
  • The ability to catch potential problems before they become unmanageable
  • Thorough documentation for easy tracking
  • Trained professionals to handle all complaints
  • 24/7 access
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